Silverado movie soundtrack MIDI composition in mp3 audio

Silverado movie soundtrack MIDI composition

I never saw the Silverado movie actually. But I know one song from the soundtrack of this movie. Here is the story on how did I know this song.

In 1992, me and my other ten friends who work in the same Yamaha musical instrument company performed a small Yamaha electone concert. The audiences mostly are the students of Yamaha Music Shcool and their parents/family. Although it’s just a small concert, nevertheless it’s quite a memorable experience to us as we performed in three cities where the Yamaha company is. There were variety of songs we play – such as jazz, pop, OST, traditional, etc. Two of my friends performed OST from the movie Silverado, Mr. Hartono and Mr. Livius.

Since I still have their music score for this OST, I arranged it using a keyboard and MIDI computer program. There are five main musical instruments involved, which is Strings, Trumpet, Horn, Brass ensemble and Contrabass. The rest are Guitar, Harmonica, Piccolo, Timpani and Glockenspiel. The easy part I play it while recording it with MIDI computer program but still later on I need to edit the notes within the program. The difficult part is fully a written notes within the program because I’m not able to play it. It’s not a perfect arrangement, anyway below is the Silverado movie soundtraci MIDI composition in mp3 format.

Lord make me an instrument (mp3)

Long time ago in the year of 1989 I worked in Kalimantan island. That time I have a good friend whom I used to get a free lunch or dinner from his family in his house. He gave me a cassette full of theist songs. I like the songs and the music is simple but nice. I still remember the melody of some songs but I don’t know any lyrics of each song. In 1991 I finished my work there and since that I never meet this good friend anymore, but I’ll never forget him and his kindness to me. I also remember a line of sentence in one of the songs in that cassette while the cassette itself it’s already lost long time ago.

One day in 2012, I searched the words by typing “lord make me an instrument” in the internet and found that the title of the song is the same with the text I put in the search box. So finally I got the complete lyrics of this song. Using MIDI computer program and musical keyboard, I made a simple music of this song. Record my voice singing with a cellphone mic then I arranged the recorded voice with the music in the computer. Because I know that people will grudge when they hear me singing, so I edit my voice to a chipmunk voice. Following is the mp3 audio file (1.07 Mb)

I Hope one of you who listen to that song will like it, and I’m sorry for my broken English.