Lord make me an instrument (mp3)

Long time ago in the year of 1989 I worked in Kalimantan island. That time I have a good friend whom I used to get a free lunch or dinner from his family in his house. He gave me a cassette full of theist songs. I like the songs and the music is simple but nice. I still remember the melody of some songs but I don’t know any lyrics of each song. In 1991 I finished my work there and since that I never meet this good friend anymore, but I’ll never forget him and his kindness to me. I also remember a line of sentence in one of the songs in that cassette while the cassette itself it’s already lost long time ago.

One day in 2012, I searched the words by typing “lord make me an instrument” in the internet and found that the title of the song is the same with the text I put in the search box. So finally I got the complete lyrics of this song. Using MIDI computer program and musical keyboard, I made a simple music of this song. Record my voice singing with a cellphone mic then I arranged the recorded voice with the music in the computer. Because I know that people will grudge when they hear me singing, so I edit my voice to a chipmunk voice. Following is the mp3 audio file (1.07 Mb)

I Hope one of you who listen to that song will like it, and I’m sorry for my broken English.